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Colored concrete is an affordable and customizable option for your Rialto home’s driveway, patio, or walkway. By adding color to the concrete mix, you can achieve a custom look that will be unique to your home. There are many different colors and hues to choose from, so you can create a look that complements your home’s style. In addition, colored concrete is durable and long-lasting, making it a wise investment for your property.

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About Rialto Concrete Co.

Rialto Concrete Co. is a leading colored concrete contractor in Rialto, California. We provide colored concrete services to homes and businesses throughout the area, including asphalt paving, colored concrete installation and repair, line striping and marking, seal coating parking lots and driveways. Our skilled technicians use top-quality materials to create beautiful colored concrete surfaces that are durable enough to withstand heavy traffic without cracking or crumbling. Call (909) 321-6912 today for more information about our colored concrete services, including decorative stamped overlays for patios and sidewalks!

Colored Concrete Services from Rialto Concrete Co.

There are many reasons why you should consider using colored concrete for your home’s outdoor areas:

  • Affordability – Colored concrete is a more affordable option than colored pavers and colored bricks.
  • Customization – You can choose from many different colors to create your own unique design.
  • Durability – Colored concrete is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic without cracking or crumbling.

The Concrete Coloring Process

The colored concrete process is simple. Our technicians mix colored pigments into the concrete mix before pouring it onto your home’s outdoor area, such as a driveway or patio. The colored concrete is then stamped and sealed to create a beautiful surface that will last for many years without fading or cracking.

Factors Affecting Colored Concrete

There are several factors that affect colored concrete. Some of these include:

Cement Color

The color of the cement used in colored concrete will have a major impact on its final appearance. Cement is typically gray or white, and colored pigments can be added to change this coloration. For example, adding red pigment to gray cement will result in a pinkish shade for your colored concrete surface area.

Pigment Color

Pigments come in many different colors and hues; however, some colors do not mix well together. For example, yellow with blue does not create green but rather turquoise (blue-green). To achieve green, you would need more yellow than blue pigment.


The amount of water added to colored concrete also affects its final color. If too much water is used, then it will result in a lighter shade than desired. Conversely, if there is not enough water present during the coloring process, this can cause colored concrete to turn out darker than expected

Mixing Method

There are two methods for mixing colored concrete: dry-mix and wet-mix. Dry-mix involves adding colored pigments directly into the cement before adding any other ingredients such as sand or gravel; whereas with wet-mix colored concrete you mix all ingredients together to create your own blend of colors based on preferences or requirements from customers like architects/designers who want specific hues (eg., terra cotta).

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Contact Rialto Concrete Co. for colored concrete services in Rialto, California. We offer a wide range of colored concrete options to suit your needs and budget. Call (909) 321-6912 today for free estimates.

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